Tuesday, 7 June 2011

I'd like to thank the homeopaths, the astrologers, the Daily Mail, the FRC...

Today I'd like to start off with a quick thank you to the people who contributed to the 1000 views this blog has had. Thank you very much for taking the time to look through this, it's much appreciated.

And now to the news. I've been talking with the Family Research Council about Peter Sprigg's views on suppressing sexuality (specifically homo and bi varieties), sending off an email about a week ago to raise some questions about it. I didn't keep a copy of my sent email unfortunately but I asked them exactly how their idea of preventing youth self-identifying as LGB was going to help matters. I also asked why being homosexual was wrong and something to be prevented. Here is the email I received in reply:

Dear Emily,

Thank you for your email to Family Research Council. We appreciate you taking the time to email us, seeking clarification on our thoughts about teen suicides.

Every suicide by a teenager is a tragedy. And there are not two sides to the issue of bullying--we are all agreed that no one deserves to be bullied and that bullies should be punished. But there most certainly are two sides to the claims that orthodox theology and pro-family public policies are to blame for such bullying and such suicides, and the media has an obligation to air both sides, not just attacks by gay lobbyists. In their definition of tolerance, the truth that would prevent a young person entering into homosexuality, or that change is possible for those seeking to leave the homosexual lifestyle, must be silenced.

FRC unequivocally condemns the behavior of anyone who would physically or verbally abuse another person--especially a child--because of his/her sexuality, religious beliefs or any other reason. This is a complete violation of Jesus' commandment to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. But Christian compassion is not shown by embracing homosexual behavior, which the empirical data shows is harmful to those who engage in it. True compassion is demonstrated by speaking the truth in love--warning of the dangers of homosexual conduct while offering the message that change is possible for those struggling with same-sex attractions.

Bullying, and the resulting consequences, are indeed a tragic event in any child's life, whether the child is gay or not. Our friends at Focus on the Family have developed many informative and helpful tools relating to bullying and the effects it has on children. They would be happy to provide further insight into the question you posed. You can reach Focus on the Family at http://www.focusonthefamily.com/.

In addition, you may find answers from the following article posted on their website: http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/schooling/bullying/the_wounded_spirit.aspx. Numerous other bullying resources can be found at http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/schooling/bullying.aspx.

Emily, please don't hesitate to email us again if you would like to discuss this crucial issue further.


Kathy Athearn
FRC Correspondence
It's good that the FRC condemn the bullying and abuse but it's worrying that they continue to advocate this idea that homosexuality is something people can be scared away from with "the truth". This approach is just as effective as trying to scare me away from having brown eyes - it won't change this fact but it will make me feel ashamed and distressed about a trait I did not choose.

I'll continue this conversation when I have the chance. It could take a while given their slow response rate.

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  1. Great that you're punching away at this vile prejudice. And good to see a lot of other posts to read - I've not been here for a month or so (was away in Spain, with limited net access) - plenty to catch up on.