Sunday, 12 June 2011

Taking a break

I'll be taking a break from this blog for a while, it won't be updated as frequently until I've finished my A-level exams. I've been having panic attacks during revision over the past few days and I'm starting to feel very ill with stress, I think I'm taking too much on at the moment. I feel like I'm seeing my future ambitions shatter before me, I know I've screwed up the exams I've taken. University? A mere pipe dream by the looks of things at the moment.

Somehow I don't think the Dr Bach site would accept my negative experience of their bottles of placebo effect - 'Patient A took a spray of the floral remedy and soon afterwards started becoming very distressed and tearful. She later repeated her doubts about the science behind this remedy, saying it was no better at relieving stress than covering your arm in horseshoes. Will not be hiring Patient A as a test subject again.'

But hey, we already know they're far from neutral and not concerned about evidence anyway. They're trying to sell a product after all.

My last exam is on the 27th: Physics unit 5, Creation to Collapse. I may post one or two updates in between now and then but it won't be nearly as frequent as usual. Hope to see you all again after that.

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  1. I promise you, in 5 years you won't even remember what grades you got.

    Best of luck.