Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Become One with the Airport

I've been waiting around for my flight for some time now - transferring to an earlier flight was going to cost me £71 and I don't tend to have that sort of money lying around spare in my account. I wanted to account for any delays while traveling to the airport by coach (I can't drive) but I didn't expect to be this early.

So I've been amusing myself by playing around with some ideas in the excellent 'Paranormality' book by Richard Wiseman. One of the experiments has the aim of making your brain believe that you are in many places at once, to the point of being able to feel physical sensations in these areas as well.

The experiment is simple - you have two mirrors which create a 'corridor' of reflections so you can see many, many images of yourself. You then create a physical sensation on your body somewhere (your face, your arm or anything else that floats your boat). Your mind reaches the bizarre conclusion that you are actually all of the entities in the mirror and you can feel everything which happens to them.

I probably looked very strange trying it out in the airport wherever I found this setup. But when you've got several hours to pass, a blend of madness and psychology doesn't go amiss. Maybe if I'm waiting with a friend next time we can try and make ourselves believe we're a part of the metal framework or our boarding cards. I'm interested to see how far I can take this experiment.

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  1. That's a sly little Trek reference, isn't it? Become one with the horse.

    I like it!