Sunday, 29 May 2011

'Female bisexual, 18, seeks to destroy society'

Certain journalists are fond of polarising hot issues when writing comment pieces, but I don't think I've ever come across an article as unbalanced as this choice piece from Matthew Cullinan Hoffman of, published on Friday. If you skim the article you'll probably come away with the idea that homosexuals are all militant perverts dressed up in kevlar and trying to hold families at ransom.

I can assure you this isn't true though - I'm wearing a simple tshirt and some ill-fitting trousers while lounging around on a sofa as I type this. Just in case you were worried or looking over your shoulder.

Anyway, back to the monsters we hear being described in this charming article. The Brazilian government was planning to launch a "Schools without Homophobia" campaign, which featured a video about the subject deemed suitable for the target audience by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong, according to Mr Hoffman. Rather than trying to seek equality and a life free from intimidation we're actually trying to mount "immoral assaults" on families and children. I've heard this baseless accusation many times before but I'm intrigued to know how homosexual relationships destroy families or corrupt children.

If a child is going to grow up to be lesbian, gay, bi or transsexual there's not much that can be done to change that. You can't persuade someone to have a different sexuality any more than you can encourage them to have a different eye colour - yes, you could get them to wear coloured contact lenses but that original colour would still remain with them. Same goes for sexuality - the outward signs can be feigned but the original attractions will still be present.

But I can offer a word of comfort to any homophobes who have stumbled across this cuddly liberal-minded blog - your child is not going to be corrupted with the LGBT virus in some way. If they are going to grow up to be straight, you can't convince them to be any other sexuality. So it's nowhere near as sinister a project as you might think, it's simply a campaign for acceptance and equality.

The article also criticises normalising homosexuality. Quite why our friend Matt is so opposed to this is never explained beyond baseless nonsense about being anti-family. But the prize for most hysterical non-sequitur goes to an unnamed congressional ally of the Brazilian president, who claims that this campaign for equality will be "the end of the world". Why? Again, no explanation but maybe certain obssessives will be unable to think about anything other than same-sex relationships. And that wouldn't do, would it? We'd have to tell them to get over themselves!

So there you have it. We're not simply showing our love for someone who happens to have the same gentials as us, we're harbingers of doom trying to ruin the lives of easily-angered homophobes. Who knew?

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