Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shock! Drama! Lemsip!

I mentioned in my previous post that I went for my third and final HPV jab yesterday evening. Well, the muscle aches have worsened and pretty much put my left arm out of action, so I'm not typing as fast as I usually do. I'm also having to put up with sickness and abdominal pain - turns out I'm one of the unlucky 10% or so who experience these side-effects. I'm taking it easy and staying at home today to try and sleep it off.

Maybe I should sell my story to the Daily Mail? I can see the headlines now: 'Talented sixth-former in sickness hell after taking risky HPV vaccine!'. We'll need to tell them all about my good qualities so they can exaggerate them of course. And what scare story would be complete without pictures of me next to stony-faced family members? We'll need a comparison shot of me grinning when I was about six years old too.

Just don't tell them that I only missed out on one lesson or that I'll recover in a few days, yeah? It'll ruin the drama.

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